The Love For The Game

As I grew up, sports have been a huge part of my life.  I was a three sport athlete with high grades. I mean I had to if I wanted to do the things I love.

Playing sports is a passion to me, it’s like my safe place.  Being able to be competitive and work hard for the same goal that everyone else was working towards really just made it ten times better.  Soccer, basketball and softball; there was never really a favorite.  Each of them in every way kept me busy in up to par on my physical and mental condition, some more than others.  Throughout high school all there really was for me to do was play sports because of my town being so small.  Sometimes it was a pain and others it was a blessing.  It made me want to get better and go that extra step.  It also made it so I had to learn and pay attention to things I ate and the type of workouts I did.

Then college rolled around…

Some may say that it is an excuse but I say it’s a challenge.  I love challenges.  I wanted to see how my first semester of college went before committing to anything.  Not playing three sports in college defiantly is a game changer.  There is no everyday practices or games, daily running and team lift.  All of that is things that I would love to get back into.

Now I go to the gym almost everyday trying to work my way back up to the point I was at before I came to school.

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