The 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is a diet program done at home for 21 days. It is based on color coated containers that help you portion your food as well as workout discs that help you along your journey.  There is no calorie counting involved but just healthy eating principles.   This program is to keep maintenance within peoples diets, as well as spread out different workouts throughout your time doing them.  As with all the pros of this diet and getting you in shape and your “perfect” summer bod, there are cons.

I personally did the 21 Day Fix and thought I was going to love it. I did for like the first three days.  After that, it was hell.  The program cut my calories down by almost 1,000, and I was eating pretty much nothing.  For the workouts that they have you do, I think that the amount of food you eat should be a lot more than it is.  I was always hungry, tired and never wanted to do much.  It takes a lot of will power and discipline to do something like this.

I do admit that I did not enjoy doing this program but did follow through with it and ended up losing a total of 7lbs by the end of my journey.  But I will tell you one thing, I will probably never, ever do it again, because I love my food and energy for the day way too much.

There are other ways that one could lose weight than pretty much starving yourself. Work out, eat healthy, and love your body.


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