The 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is a diet program done at home for 21 days. It is based on color coated containers that help you portion your food as well as workout discs that help you along your journey.  There is no calorie counting involved but just healthy eating principles.   This program is to keep maintenance within peoples diets, as well as spread out different workouts throughout your time doing them.  As with all the pros of this diet and getting you in shape and your “perfect” summer bod, there are cons.

I personally did the 21 Day Fix and thought I was going to love it. I did for like the first three days.  After that, it was hell.  The program cut my calories down by almost 1,000, and I was eating pretty much nothing.  For the workouts that they have you do, I think that the amount of food you eat should be a lot more than it is.  I was always hungry, tired and never wanted to do much.  It takes a lot of will power and discipline to do something like this.

I do admit that I did not enjoy doing this program but did follow through with it and ended up losing a total of 7lbs by the end of my journey.  But I will tell you one thing, I will probably never, ever do it again, because I love my food and energy for the day way too much.

There are other ways that one could lose weight than pretty much starving yourself. Work out, eat healthy, and love your body.


Ugly Truth About Tanning Beds

Many of us are blessed to have different skin types than others.  As for me, I am someone who has the fairest skin tone there is.  When I am out in the sun it depends on whether I burn or actually tan. Most of the time I will burn and then it will tun to tan.  When I was very young I use to get sun poisoning all over my arms and I had to wear a long sleeved shirt to the beach.  As I am sure you could imagine that was never fun for me.

So over the winter season there is no sun to make your skin that bronze color, so what do we do? Tanning beds.  We go and spend crazy amounts of money to fry our skin and put us in a situation to get melanoma.  Some think that “no it will never happen to me” and those are the people who it usually happens to.

There are some laws now in many states that have restrictions on tanning beds to 18 and up, no parent signatures, that is the age no matter what.  I think that people should look more into tanning beds before they get into one so that they know what could possibly happen to them.  Is it really worth getting skin cancer and having a sunburn all the time?  Think about things like this before you decide you want to look good by being tanning.  There are other ways to do so other than this.


tanning bed

Is Diet Soda, Really Diet?

Many people nowadays are trying to cut their carbs, sugars and fats to get into healthier shape. This is when their worst nightmare diet soda comes in, when in reality it is actually worse for you than regular soda.  Actually, the “diet” might as well not even be on the can because it all might as well be a lie.  When I was younger I used to be a soda drinker,  I mean what kids weren’t right? Seeing people like my grandparents drink diet soda always made me think it was so much more healthier for you.

As I’ve grown up, the soda drinking no longer exists and I started to realize the differences between diet and regular soda.  And it ends up being that regular soda is better for you then diet, yeah that’s right! But in reality both are still very unhealthy for someone who likes to drink soda.  Although diet soda is calorie free and of course that draws in all the people who would like to lose weight, but it is said that the artificial sweeteners in the soda make you have a craving for more sugar. This then leads to more eating and drinking because your body becomes not satisfied.

And now the ugly of diet soda, it is said that 48% of all people who drink diet soda are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke compared to those who drink regular soda. So the next time that you are standing in front of a cooler at a convenient store and think that if you get diet soda you’re going to benefit from it think twice.  In all reality you should chose water over any sugary drink that is available to you. coke


Get Your Yoga On!

When putting both yoga and meditation together it improves your fitness and your overall well-being.  Yoga is something that people should incorporate into their everyday lives. Even though it is a lot of slow moving moves, you do in fact, gain much muscle and balance from doing yoga all the time.  I myself just started going to yoga and I love it! It’s so fun and relaxing and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing it the right way or not.  Some cannot move or bend the way others can so this specific activity allows you to your own thing.

With yoga, it will reduce your stress level of the everyday obstacles you come to.  It is a good idea to go do some yoga after a long stressful day of either school or work. According to Psychosomatic Medicine, doing yoga will reduce your chances of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Other things that yoga can improve is your flexibility, your emotions, and give you a better diet.  Doing yoga will increase your fitness level and actually will make your body want better and healthier foods.  This will then help your self-esteem when taking better care of your body.

The power of yoga and meditation is amazing. There are so many things that people don’t know about how important it could be to their lives helping them live a better lifestyle.  yoga

The Secrets to Nutrition Labels

Do you know how to properly, and thoroughly read a nutrition label? I bet a lot of people cannot seeing the results that many are getting from the foods that they eat.  Many think that because its low calories that it is healthy for you.  But what about all the other facts on the label?

It’s the things like sugar, carbohydrates, and cholesterol that people should be reading on the label.  Did you know that diet soda is actually worse for you than regular soda? Probably not because you were only focusing on certain parts of the label.  Another mistake that many make is the serving sizes. A label can have a serving size that you may think is the right one, but it is actually how many servings are in that type of packaging.

Along with how to read the label and the importance of each one, you should also read the ingredients on the label.  I always went by this, if you can’t pronounce the ingredient then you shouldn’t be eating it.  Most of those words that you can’t read are ingredients that are horrible for your body and do nothing for you.

So from now on when you go to the store, read your label slowly and carefully because you will be able to know which food is best for you overall and you won’t get fooled by the label’s loop holes!nutrition label