Ugly Truth About Tanning Beds

Many of us are blessed to have different skin types than others.  As for me, I am someone who has the fairest skin tone there is.  When I am out in the sun it depends on whether I burn or actually tan. Most of the time I will burn and then it will tun to tan.  When I was very young I use to get sun poisoning all over my arms and I had to wear a long sleeved shirt to the beach.  As I am sure you could imagine that was never fun for me.

So over the winter season there is no sun to make your skin that bronze color, so what do we do? Tanning beds.  We go and spend crazy amounts of money to fry our skin and put us in a situation to get melanoma.  Some think that “no it will never happen to me” and those are the people who it usually happens to.

There are some laws now in many states that have restrictions on tanning beds to 18 and up, no parent signatures, that is the age no matter what.  I think that people should look more into tanning beds before they get into one so that they know what could possibly happen to them.  Is it really worth getting skin cancer and having a sunburn all the time?  Think about things like this before you decide you want to look good by being tanning.  There are other ways to do so other than this.


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