I am writing this blog post this week about sleep. Why? Because finals are coming up and I feel that there are a lot of students that don’t realize how important sleep is to their everyday schedule. They can’t be staying up all night studying for finals because when it is time to take the final, that is the time where they’re going to crash. Sleep is so important especially the day before a final in order to function properly.

Sleep isn’t only important to your mental health but also your physical health. Something that not many people look into is the anatomy of sleeping and what it does for your body. Sleep repairs and restore your heart and blood vessels. With no sleep you would be as risk for kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and even stroke.

Besides your physical health, mental health is where its at. Your overall emotional well being is very important in being able to go on with your day. With no sleep your brain will not work properly and when your brain does not work properly a whole slew of things can then go wrong. When you sleep it is allowing your brain to recharge itself to help you remember and learn more information.

Overall sleep is a very important thing for you to catch up on. It can effect your safety, physical, mental and even your social health. So catch up on as much sleep as you can. You will need it for when finals come up and things will come a lot easier for you.


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