Is Diet Soda, Really Diet?

Many people nowadays are trying to cut their carbs, sugars and fats to get into healthier shape. This is when their worst nightmare diet soda comes in, when in reality it is actually worse for you than regular soda.  Actually, the “diet” might as well not even be on the can because it all might as well be a lie.  When I was younger I used to be a soda drinker,  I mean what kids weren’t right? Seeing people like my grandparents drink diet soda always made me think it was so much more healthier for you.

As I’ve grown up, the soda drinking no longer exists and I started to realize the differences between diet and regular soda.  And it ends up being that regular soda is better for you then diet, yeah that’s right! But in reality both are still very unhealthy for someone who likes to drink soda.  Although diet soda is calorie free and of course that draws in all the people who would like to lose weight, but it is said that the artificial sweeteners in the soda make you have a craving for more sugar. This then leads to more eating and drinking because your body becomes not satisfied.

And now the ugly of diet soda, it is said that 48% of all people who drink diet soda are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke compared to those who drink regular soda. So the next time that you are standing in front of a cooler at a convenient store and think that if you get diet soda you’re going to benefit from it think twice.  In all reality you should chose water over any sugary drink that is available to you. coke


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