Never Run on Empty; Hydrate!!!

Being someone that should be drinking a lot more water than I do sometimes, I am always reading articles and seeing things about how important it is to be hydrated, ALL the time.  Some think that drinking a bottle or two of water will cut it, wrong.  Someone who weights 150 pounds should be drinking 70 ounces of water which equals out to about four, 17oz. bottles of water.  Water doesn’t only make you feel good, it makes you look good.  Your hair and skin benefit from hydration greatly.

If your body is not hydrated it will not be able to perform at its highest level of performance.  You will feel sluggish, tired and sometimes even dizzy.  I know that if I don’t drink enough water I become sick, and no one wants to be sick.  Nutrients from water fuels your body so that it can run properly and provide you with energy.

If you are someone who struggles on not drinking enough water, then set a goal for yourself.  This is something that I have been doing and it works awesome.  Set a small goal and over time go up until you get to where you would like to be.  And there can never be an excuse of “I don’t have time” because there is always time to drink water.  Keep in mind as well, if you are someone who is highly active, you should be drinking either two or even three times the amount of daily recommended water!


It All Starts With A Plan

Everyone always has these little ideas in their minds.  Things like “I wish” and “if only”, sometimes these things can actually happen if there was a plan behind the idea.

This would go along with a similar post, a goal is not a goal without a plan.  People say that if you right down your ideas or things that you wish to do, that you will sooner or later accomplish them. I can agree with whoever said this because I have experienced it first hand.  Since then I always write down an idea that I wish to come true.

As of right now I am in a Wellness Choices class. In this class for an assignment we were required to come up with a goal and write it down. Try to succeed in your goal in six weeks. Having things in your face all the time, reminding you of things that must be done are very important.  My overall goal is to attend the gym six days a week, and lose ten pounds by the time the six weeks is up.  I believe that this plan will be a great experience and hopefully a successful one. It will make me an overall healthier and fit person.

Now the real question is, do you have any of your goals written down? Do it.