Goals are Key

You always here these people saying how they’re going to do this, this and this. Then you see them and nothing has changed. Many people have these visions in their heads about how they either want to get better at a certain something, or improve a skill that they have. But whenever I have a vision in my head for something I write it down, and call it my goals.

My mom always told me to write down my goals, and to have a plan with them because then you are more likely to achieve them. Goals are good to have when trying to better yourself and improve your life. For this specific blog page the goals that I will be talking about is healthy and exercising goals, but there are all sorts of different kinds. In one of the class I am taking this semester we have to pick something that we would like to better about ourselves or to stay constant in.

So my goal is to eat more colorful foods, like fruits and vegetables. The more colors that you have on your plate, the healthier it is. I tend to eat either the same kinds of foods all the time or not eat constant healthy foods. I have some days where I can be right on track then sometimes have one too many cheat days. This will be my goal for 6 weeks and at the end I have to see where I am will build off the goal and go further in something else. ┬áDon’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something and prove them wrong. There have been too many times in my life that someone has told me that I can’t do something and have proved them wrong, it’s a great feeling!

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