Why Exercise???

Why exercise? Exercise because it is a good mediator and a healthy aspect of your life. Many people believe that the only thing exercise does for you is get your body into shape and to lose weight, but they’re wrong.  Working out improves ones mood and boosts the energy. 

Working out is what I do when my mood is off and need to get my mind off things. Some including me, use exercise as a type of therapy to get away from any other outside negative factors.  The physical exercise that you are doing release multiple brain chemicals that make you feeling happier and much more relaxed.  Even doing something as going for walk can make it so your body is relaxed and you feel like a completely different person.

There are so many things other making yourself look better to working out.  Looking better means feeling better.  You’re overall healthy level increases and you start to get into a routine that just seems natural to you and will continue into the future.  Some may start to think that working out is fun, which you can make working out fun depending on what you decide to do for your specific work out.

Everyone should look deeper into getting out there and working out and even having some friend to exercise with. Having “workout buddies” is always another good motivator to getting to the gym and making something out of it. 


www.youtube.com (video-Benefits of exercising regularly…)



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